Cod.Art. PPCN10

One of the most successful perfumes of the COLLEZIONE NERA, easier to carry than to describe. An absolutely unique patchouli, Iris makes it cold and silvery and at the same time a soft and warm scent thanks to the suede, combined with a very personal Bulgarian rose. All the elements are moderate and without excesses, but there is a touch that brightens and strikes the underwear, cocoa. It feels but in a light key: it is binding and gentle.
A perfume that owes nothing to anyone. Magnificent creation of PROFESSOR, indeed extraordinary.


Olfactory pyramid:
Top note : Bulgarian Rose, Cocoa, Precious woods.
Body note : Patchouli, Iris.
Base note : Leather, Suede, Fruity notes.

75 ml - 2.5 fl.oz

€ 250,00
€ 220,00

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